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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Heavenly Goat Cheese

Just a quick note about one of my favorite goat cheeses! I found this cheese a couple years ago…it’s called Camellia and it’s made by the artisan cheesemakers at Redwood Hill Farm. Here in Chicago, I buy it at both Fox & Obel and Whole Foods. By the way, the name, Camellia, is after one of the owners' beloved goats.

Let me just say that the first time I tasted this tangy, lush Camembert-style cheese, I was in love. It has a gorgeous, robust flavor and beautiful, fragrant rind…like a cheese you would find in France, and that is saying something. Crucial, of course, to let it ‘breathe’ and come to room temperature, but when that’s all taken care of, have a couple olives and some crusty bread on hand and just see if you don’t polish off the entire round. Sancerre or any Sauvignon Blanc is a delicious accompaniment.

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