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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Looks Aren't Everything

Sardines.  I know!  They need some PR help, right?
Goodness knows they're not quite so pretty here, just sitting in the can...

...and then they get no respect for being one of the best and most sustainable choices when it comes to eating fish.

Those of you who get all squeamish about fish tasting, well, 'fishy' (I mean, really!) can go ahead and move along with your web won't want any part of what I'm about to share here.

But, if you haven't really thought that much about sardines lately, but maybe vaguely remember a delicious plate of pasta with sardines (who knew?!) you had in Italy some time ago or remember stealing a sardine-on-a-triscuit off your dad's weekend snack plate... you'll want in on this.

Some weeknight when you stagger in the door late and exhausted and hungry, just remember the magic ingredient to get you to dinner-in-five-minutes or less:  sardines. 
(Thank you Nicholas at Food52 for reminding me of the value of keeping tins of sardines in the pantry!)

This is pure genius, as is, or however you'd like to riff on it (the addition of Dijon mustard being at the top of mind):

Bread + store-bought hummus + sardines + parsley = super tasty dinner in a snap

Take some country bread, or basically any kind of bread you like (toasted if you like)...
I've used a baguette here...
Smear with some hummus and top with sardines.
Garnish with chopped fresh parsley. (I know it's a fast meal, but let's be civilized.)

I added a little arugula salad on the side, but also found that smooshing some into the sandwich gave it a nice peppery bite.  

You're welcome.