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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bittman Rules!!!!

Yesterday's brilliant 101 Simple Meals in The New York Times Dining section was perfect, not just for the summer, but any season, because we all have known that weary, "I don't know...what should we eat?" feeling at one time or another. This list promises to kick-start a meal in a flash. I've printed it and it's up on the bulletin board in our kitchen--as I imagine it is in hundreds of other kitchens. I may go with #30 this evening: quesadilla...there are a bunch of avocados on my counter saying "now or never"!



Jane said...

You know what would be really, really awesome? If some efficient neat-freak would put this list into some sort of spreadsheet or database, so that the primary ingredients were searchable. Or... (or!) if Marcia would tell us, like, her 10 Favorite Most Likely To Make from Bittman's 101.

Marcia said...

I agree! Or, group by cuisine -- the asian-inspired dishes...the italian, etc...(I find when I'm hungry, I usually crave a certain style of food...)
The quesadillas I made last night, by the way, were outstanding. Yet another thing I can't believe I have not made at home before. Talk about dinner in under ten minutes!